A moment
Yes only a moment
An exclusive moment
An absorbing moment
A special moment


A prayer is offered
A prayer is granted


On the lonely sea shore
When the serenity 
envelops the full being

The active breeze whispers
Why are you here dear!

The heart responds
HE always attracts
HE always attracts
Through smiles
Leading one to 
an unbreakable bondage
Through tears
Leading one to 
an unimaginable bliss
HE always attracts

HE always attracts…”
As magnets attract metal
As rain and sun rays 
attract rainbow
As lightening in a dry 
sky filled with clouds
Attract hailstones……..

HE always attracts
HE the most compassionate one
HE the most benevolent one
HE the most lovable one
Grants prayers sang from 
deep within
Opens the locked gates 
of experiences
To flood in and fill the dry land 
of ones heart
Whatever one receives from HIM
Remains invisible but fulfilling
Appears soundless filling the being
with soothing music of
Love and astounding happiness

When someone says
Your prayers are so powerful
You listen 
prayers alone attract HIS compassion

HE always attracts…….

As the moon attracts t
he waves of the Ocean
As the smell of springs 
attract cuckoo
As the silence of the mind 
attracts meditation

HE always attracts

As the rising sun attracts after a nights rest
As sleep attracts after a hectic activity day
As breath attracts the energy to refresh the tired body

HE always attracts

The conversation of the breeze and the being
Continues in silence……

The breeze says
Well! HE attracts here, there and everywhere
But what for you are here?
Heart pauses and replies amazedly
Like a new bride intoxicated by the
New found nectar of love Dozing giggling
The heart whispers back

To express my gratitude
For this moment now.


A prayer happens
In unison
With joy
Fulfillment and gratitude
Only in few moments
Exclusive moment
Special moment ..When

A prayer is offered
A prayer is replied

A moment
from few moments

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